Surgery and Orthopedics

Top-Quality Surgery and Orthopedics

Our doctors are trained to do all routine surgeries, i.e., spays and neuters. We also do a variety of soft tissue surgeries, including, but not limited to skin mass removals, abdominal mass removals (splenectomy), abscess repair (and wound management), bladder stone removal, urethrostomies.

We refer our patients to board-certified surgeon Dr. Tomas Infernuso at The Animal Surgical Center who performs orthopedic surgeries, including ruptured ACL (anterior cruciate ligament), fracture repair, hip surgeries, patella luxation repair as well as complicated soft tissue surgeries. He can also perform endoscopy and laparoscopic procedures like stomach tacking, etc.

We have recently renovated our surgery suite to allow for more state-of-the-art monitoring and capabilities. You are more than welcome to visit and see our surgery suite!