Pet Wellness Care
in Huntington, NY

Our veterinarians are dedicated to preventing disease and prolonging the lives and life quality of our patients. Our pet wellness protocols are designed to protect your pet’s health throughout their whole life.

We generally recommend visits to our clinic every six months to perform a comprehensive physical exam, administer needed vaccinations, and perform any routine early detection testing. Because pets age much quicker than humans, more frequent visits are necessary to detect any changes in their health and treat any existing problems.

Puppy, Kitten, and Senior Pet Wellness Plans

Our Pet Wellness Services

A comprehensive physical exam is vital to assessing your pet’s overall health. During the physical exam, your veterinarian will check your pet’s eyes, ears, and heart with medical equipment and perform a thorough evaluation of their teeth and gums, skin, coat, vital signs, body condition, and joints. They will also palpate your pet’s abdomen to see if there is any swelling or pain.

With the aid of our diagnostic tests and imaging tools, our veterinarians can recognize abnormalities within the body’s internal organs. They are medically trained to diagnose and treat diseases such as pancreatitis, kidney/urinary disease, internal infections, cancer, diabetes, adrenal disease, thyroid issues, heart disease, and issues within the liver and gallbladder.

While a comprehensive exam is important for noticing potential health issues, there are many systems we cannot evaluate with just a physical exam. Early disease detection with lab testing, such as blood analysis and urinalysis, can alert us to potentially threatening trends of the internal organs. Early detection of disease helps to identify and treat diseases at the earliest possible stage.

At Dix Hills Animal Hospital, we know that consistent health screenings can prolong the lives of our patients. We offer age-appropriate wellness lab screenings and packages to provide the best care for your pet’s unique needs.

In addition to routine exams and early detection, a key aspect of keeping pets healthy is client education. Our team takes pride in partnering with our clients to ensure the health and happiness of their pets.

We recommend annual blood screenings for all our patients to detect and treat potential diseases as early as possible. Many diseases that are diagnosed early can be treated with the help of simple changes in routine or lifestyle, such as dietary modifications. Blood screenings help us determine your pet’s overall heath by evaluating their organ systems, and red and white blood cell counts.

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